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Realpro Clip Lens 8X, Full-Multi Coating, KRP-8t

Realpro Clip Lens 8X, Full-Multi Coating, KRP-8t

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”Kenko Realpro Clip Lens Tele 8x KRP-8t is a photographic accessory for smartphone that makes it easy to capture distant objects.
This clip lens allows you to zoom in when it is difficult to get close to a subject, such as sports spectators, wild birds, or high objects. The optical glass is multi-coated to ensure a high level of image quality. The clip lens can be easily attached to a smartphone, so you can take a picture whenever you want to.

【Main Features】
■Easy telephoto shooting with a smartphone
When it is difficult to get close to a subject at a sports game or outdoor scene, you can zoom in on the subject to take a picture.

■Multi-coating for clean image quality
Multi-coating on the optical glass provides a high level of image quality.

■Easy clip-on installation and secure fixation with screws
Simply clip the lens onto a smartphone. The anti-drop screw securely fastens the lens to the smartphone.
The wide field of view prevents peripheral vignetting with most smartphones, allowing you to start shooting immediately after installation.

■Adjustable to match the position of the lens on the smartphone
The lens connection part of the clip is movable, so it can be adjusted to fit the lens position of smartphones and tablets.
*Mountable devices are 15mm(0.59 inch) or less in thickness and 30mm(1.18 inches) or less from the edge of the device to the center of the lens of the smartphone. Please check your equipment beforehand.

■Can also be used as a monocular
By removing the clip and pulling out the eyepiece, it can be used as a monocular for ground observation.

【Main Specifications】
・Magnification: 8x
・Angle of view: 10.6° ・Objective lens effective diameter: 20mm
・Lens Coating: Full-multi Coating
・Construction E/G: 6 Elements in 4 Groups ・Exit Pupil: 2.4mm
・Eye Relief: 8.5mm
・Size: 90xφ31mm
・Weight: 59g
・Included accessories: x1Tele 8X Lens / x1 Clip / x1 Poach / x1 Cleaning Cloth

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