Kenko NOSTALTONE ORANGE Soft & Color Enhanced Effect Filter

Kenko NOSTALTONE ORANGE Soft & Color Enhanced Effect Filter

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Like a scene from a cartoon...


Kenko NOSTALTONE series are a filter that was created with the goal of creating a landscape that is "like a scene from an anime", a familiar scene that will move your heart with its warmth.
It adds a warm and nostalgic atmosphere, which is enhanced with dramatic flares and ghosting to express the world in a nostalgic way. Two types, NOSTALTONE ORANGE and NOSTALTONE BLUE, with different nuances of colour, contrast, and light diffusion effects, are available.

Main Features

■For a nostalgic evening atmosphere
NOSTALTONE ORANGE is a filter that gives a nostalgic feeling to the photo through adding a warm dusky light, even when taken during the day. It also has the effect of faintly softening the image. It further emphasizes colours in scenes with originally warm tones, such as sunsets or autumn leaves.

■Slightly diffuse light for an impressive depiction
NOSTALTONE ORANGE diffuses light to create an impressive scene with a gentle soft effect. Unlike most soft filters, which have no color, NOSTALTONE ORANGE has a warm colour. By consciously incorporating morning and evening sunlight, light reflected off buildings, and light from night scenes, even an ordinary scene can be made impressive with its light diffusion effect.

■Dramatic flares and ghosts
NOSTALTONE filters create rings of light and ghosts when the sun's rays are low in the picture angle in the morning or evening, creating a dramatic effect like a scene in an animated film.

■Comparison ORANGE and BLUE
Comparing ORANGE and blue, ORANGE has strong colouring, but the softening effect is only slightly weaker. BLUE has a subdued color but a comparatively strong soft effect.

Please note that:
・In order to produce the filter effect, a coating is applied to the glass to make it more reflective. The appearance of colorful rings of light and ghosting is an intended effect of this filter.
・To produce a ring of light, place the sun in the center of the image. The ring is smaller at wide-angle and larger at telephoto.

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