Kenko NOSTALTONE BLUE , Soft & Color Enhanced Effect Filter

Kenko NOSTALTONE BLUE , Soft & Color Enhanced Effect Filter

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Like a scene from a cartoon...


Kenko NOSTALTONE series are a filter that was created with the goal of creating a landscape that is ""like a scene from an anime"", a familiar scene that will move your heart with its warmth.
It adds a warm and nostalgic atmosphere, which is enhanced with dramatic flares and ghosting to express the world in a nostalgic way. Two types, NOSTALTONE ORANGE and NOSTALTONE BLUE, with different nuances of colour, contrast, and light diffusion effects, are available.

Main Features

■For nostalgic gradation expression
The NOSTALTONE BLUE has the effect of brightening the shadows while at the same time reducing the highlights, creating a nostalgic image through soft tones. The optical design also allows for the use of a very subtle blue tint. The blue tones in the brightened shadows create an atmosphere that is similar looking to a scene in an anime.

■Diffusion effect to feel like being surrounded by gentle light
NOSTALTONE BLUE also has the effect of diffusing light. It diffuses the low morning and evening sunlight, creating a nostalgic atmosphere as if surrounded by gentle light. Since the diffusion effect is strong with direct backlighting, to achieve a good diffusion effect it is best to use diagonal backlighting or sidelighting, or to hide the entire sun or a part of it behind buildings, trees, people, etc. When shooting after sunset, the filter creates an impressive scene through softly diffusing light sources like streetlights, traffic lights, cars, etc.

■Dramatic flares and ghosts
NOSTALTONE filters create rings of light and ghosts when the sun's rays are low in the picture angle in the morning or evening, creating a dramatic effect like a scene in an animated film.

■Comparison ORANGE and BLUE
Comparing ORANGE and blue, ORANGE has strong colouring, but the softening effect is only slightly weaker. BLUE has a subdued color but a comparatively strong soft effect.

Please note that:
・In order to produce the filter effect, a coating is applied to the glass to make it more reflective. The appearance of colorful rings of light and ghosting is an intended effect of this filter.
・To produce a ring of light, place the sun in the center of the image. The ring is smaller at wide-angle and larger at telephoto.

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