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Kenko SKYMEMO S, portable equatorial mount

Kenko SKYMEMO S, portable equatorial mount

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Follow the stars and Take Beautiful Astrophotos.

Stars are always in motion, so when photographing the starry sky with long exposures, stars appear to flow like lines in the image.

"Skymemo S" is an equatorial mount that tracks the movement of stars.

With this tracking function, stars remain in point clouds even with long exposures, making it possible to capture beautiful images of faint stars and faint nebulae.

It is a multifunctional equatorial mount that can be used not only for astrophotography but also as a motorized head for motion time-lapse video shooting on the ground.


No need for complicated knowledge.

In order for an equatorial mount to track celestial objects accurately, the "polar axis alignment" setting must be done correctly.

This may sound difficult, but with Skymemo S, all you have to do is look through the included "polar axis telescope" (or "polar star peephole") and move the head slightly to align Polaris with the scale. No need to have any knowledge of difficult astronomical objects.

If you can find the North Star on your own, you will be OK for the time being.

However, it is necessary to get used to the various operations, so practice a few times in a place where you can see Polaris before the actual shooting.



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