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Kenko Pocket Microscope STV-120M

Kenko Pocket Microscope STV-120M

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"Kenko STV-120M microscope" is  so handy and easy to use you can try it on everything.
 An orange skin in your kitchen, a leaf in your garden, or for those with a strong stomach, the bacteria swimming in a drop of mud caught in a slide.

Provided with both a zoom ring and a focusing ring, you will be able to focus on the object and further zoom on it for a vivid and enlarged image of the object not visible to the naked eyes. Anything you have seen will never been the same as before.


Built in LED Light

 "STV-120M" has a built-in LED light.
Even light-impervious materials can be brightly observed by shining the LED light on them.

 Examples of actual observations



 Magnification    60-120x (zoom ratio 2x)
 Power  AAA alkaline dry-cell battery x1 (not included)  
 Dimensions  W37xH26xD88mm 
 Weight  30g





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