Kenko Nyumon SLIM Circular Polarizer

  • $14.87

Kenko Nyumon: #1 Best Selling Filters in Japan

The concept of Nyumon is simple; the #1 best selling filters in Japan are now available to imaging enthusiasts worldwide.

Nyumon series Circular Polarizers feature polished optical glass that is designed to provide you with the optical quality your camera provides. Mounted in the market tested slim low profile ring for maximum protection from unwanted vignetting on wide angle lenses.

The word Nyumon means Apprentice in Japanese. The Nyumon series are designed to focus on the quality features you need without the high cost of professional use filters. Nyumon filters are great for the casual photo enthusiast or for your lower use lenses that you don't change filters on often. 

See the Kenko Puro series for our professional grade filters.

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