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Kenko Nyumon Slim C-PL Filter,Circular Polarizer Filter, 37~82mm

Kenko Nyumon Slim C-PL Filter,Circular Polarizer Filter, 37~82mm

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Kenko Nyumon: #1 Best-Selling Filters in Japan 

The concept of Nyumon is simple; the #1 best-selling filters in Japan are now available to imaging enthusiasts worldwide.


Circular Polarizer

Kenko Nyumon Circular Polarizer is a precision optical glass polarizer designed to maximize your image performance and control. Nyumon is the best budget-friendly option in Japanese-made filters for exceptional optical quality to meet match your selection of lenses.


Control Your Image

Make blue skies pop, reduce glare on water and glass surfaces, control shiny skin in portrait applications, and increase resolution in telephoto shots by eliminating natural atmospheric haze. 

There are a variety of ways in which the use of polarizing filters can help you capture that perfect shot. Reducing the haze and enhancing colors can prove to be invaluable to you by saving valuable time in post processing.


Multi-Coated Super Clear Glass

Nyumon series feature multi-coated polished Asahi optical glass that resists environmental conditions like impact and inadvertent touching of the lens from damaging your delicate lens surface. Each filter has 4 coatings on each surface of the optical disk, totaling 8 layers of anti-reflective coating to reduce reflections, ghosting, and enhance overall image quality.

Manufactured from super clear Asahi optical glass that is made in Japan, this filter is made from similar glass type to your Japanese made lenses for image quality matching your lens.


Low-Profile Mounting Ring

Mounted in a slim low-profile ring for maximum protection from unwanted vignetting on wide angle lenses. The filter mounting ring has a black anti-reflective mounting ring to avoid unwanted flare and reflection from the filter mounting ring.


We Care About You

Kenko Tokina is committed to your success and satisfaction. We are photographers and imaging enthusiasts ourselves. We are committed to providing you with customer service from our local California office. We want to hear from you and make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Take home the filter trusted the most by Japanese photography enthusiasts. Now available outside of Japan to enhance your shooting experience.

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