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Kenko outdoor Binocular, Mirage 12X50 Porro Prism

Kenko outdoor Binocular, Mirage 12X50 Porro Prism

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This entry level porro binocular series is especially suitable for people starting their nature watching experience.

The center focus ring has been designed for simultaneous adjustments, and its classic design makes this binocular series our recommended choice for beginners.

Despite the simplicity, its good quality lenses will support you in every situation.

  • May be mounted to a tripod by using an adapter holder (sold separately)
  • Large and easy to use focus ring
  • Case and strap included


We know the size of these binoculars is not among its best features, but in order to provide to beginners all the highlights of a porro prism, the compromise is worth it.

Named after the Italian optician who patented this system, porro prism binoculars make us of a double prism Z-shaped configuration to show the image.

By separating the two lenses the binoculars' size results increase, but the advantage is remarkable. Porro binoculars have the additional advantage of folding the optical path so that the physical length of the binoculars is less than the focal length of the object.

Simply speaking, it gives a better depth perception.


Despite their simplicity, these binoculars have been provided with some extra features in order to particularly support beginners' needs.

That's why, in addition to the left and right eyepiece focuses, the large center focus ring of these binoculars offer the advantage of easy and simultaneous adjustments.

An extra feature that gives excellent operability to standard but high quality binoculars.


It is important to have your lenses coated no matter what binoculars suit your needs most.

In Mirage binoculars, lenses are coated with a magenta single layer coating applied to the lenses surface. This coating type reduces light transmission loss, something you won't deal with in your observations.

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