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Kenko MC Protector NEO, For Lens Protec, Multi-Coating

Kenko MC Protector NEO, For Lens Protec, Multi-Coating

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Protect your lenses, lump-sum insurance

"Kenko MC Protector" is the most basic lineup of lens protection filters from Kenko.
The coating has been tuned and optimized for the image sensor of digital cameras.
MC Protector NEO" is attached to the lens on a regular basis to protect the lens from scratches caused by dust and debris during outdoor shooting.
It is a double-sided multi-coated filter with high transmittance that realizes natural color reproduction, making it ideal as a regular filter.
In addition, by keeping it attached at all times, the filter will be wiped when cleaning, thus helping to prevent wiping scratches on the camera lens itself.


■Coating: Multi-coating
■Surface reflectance: Less than 1%
■Frame Material:Aluminum
■Frame features:Knurling
■Filter case: Square P case
■Country of manufacture:Japan

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