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Kenko Luce Filter Case 4 RePET

Kenko Luce Filter Case 4 RePET

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The Kenko Luce Filter Case holds and carries filters up to Φ82mm. The Luce Filter Case 4 RePET features an environmentally friendly design with a sweets-inspired exterior and recycled fabric derived from plastic bottles.

With an emphasis on portability and ease of use, the case is equipped with carabiners, a tripod attachment flap, and other features. The bright colors of the interior fabrics make it easy to instantly identify the filter in any situation.
The case is available in two colors, Chocolate Brown and Langdosha Cream, and can hold up to 4 filters.

【Main Features】
■Exterior design inspired by sweets
The design makes it fun to carry around. Available in two colors, chocolate brown and langdosha cream.

■Supports filter up to 82mm
Filters up to 82mm in size can be stored. Up to 4 filters can be stored.

The fabric is made of recycled polyester nylon fabric derived from plastic bottles. This model is also environmentally friendly.

■Flexible attaching options
The filter case comes standard with a carabiner, allowing you to attach it to your gear bag or belt loop. It is also equipped with a flap that can be attached to a strap or tripod leg for use during shooting. It can be attached freely depending on the situation. The tripod can be attached to tripods with a pipe diameter of up to 36Φ.

■Design for easy filter management
The interior is made of light-colored fabric so that filters can be easily identified even in dark places. The zippers are designed in a different color for each pocket, making it easy to keep track of which filter is in which pocket.

・Number of filters can be stored: 4pcs
・Size: W105 x H105 x D35mm
・Weight: 80g
・Material: PET bottle recycled polyester nylon (outer/inner fabric)

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