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Kenko SG-Z 20-100X30N FMC, High-Power ZOOM Binocular,

Kenko SG-Z 20-100X30N FMC, High-Power ZOOM Binocular,

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 Carry 100x zoom with you!

Performing a 20x up to 100x magnification, Kenko SG-Z 20-100x30N FMC binoculars incorporate all our experience in designing and developing binoculars of high magnification, as well as high quality and performance.

With such a zoom range and up to 100x magnification, these binoculars are suitable and effective in a potentially limitless range of situations, from nature observation and bird-watching up to more far away objects, like the Moon itself!

A model suitable for any kind of users, from total beginners to experts seeking for a boundless view.

*Observation at high magnification will cause blurring, so please mount on the tripod.

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