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Kenko Gallery eye Monocular, for Art, Light weight&Compact

Kenko Gallery eye Monocular, for Art, Light weight&Compact

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Immerse beautiful art in every detail...

Gallery EYE' series are compact gallery scopes designed for viewing artworks and paintings in detail. With full multi-coating and phase-coating on the prism, you can enjoy viewing works of art with a bright and clear field of view even indoors.
Magnification is available in 4x and 6x, and the body color can be selected from white or black according to your preference.

Main Features

■Optical design for art appreciation
The minimum focus distance is 25cm, which allows you to get up close and personal so that you can view an object at close range and still have it in sharp focus.

■High contrast and high resolution
All lenses and prisms are multi-coated, and the roof prism is phase-coated for a brighter, clearer field of view even when viewing indoors.

■Lightweight and compact
The monocular fits in the palm of your hand and weighs only 61g, making it easy to carry around.

■Long eye relief for long hours of observation
The eye relief is 15.2mm at 4x and 12mm at 6x, making it easy to view for a long time without getting tired.

■ A pouch, a neck strap, and a lens cloth are included.


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