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Kenko MC FL-W, Color Correction Lens Filter

Kenko MC FL-W, Color Correction Lens Filter

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Kenko Japan's Best Selling Filters

Experience the quality of Japan's number one selling filters and binoculars. The world's largest photography optical accessory manufacturer, Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd, has been manufacturing the best selling camera filters since 1974.


Kenko MC FL-W Filter

Made from Asahi optical glass and featuring Kenko multi-coating technology, the FL-W is quality you expect.


Control Your Image

Kenko FL-W filters are for controlling the green and purple tones that fluorescent lighting can give when shooting on film. Digital sensors can also benefit by making color corrections optically thereby increasing bit depth and decreasing post processing time.


Clean with Ease

Our superior professional grade 16-layer anti-stain coating is easier to clean than any other filter we manufacture. Spend less time cleaning and more time shooting.


Low Profile Mounting Ring

Mounted in a slim low-profile ring for maximum protection from unwanted vignetting on wide angle lenses. The filter mounting ring has a black anti-reflective mounting ring to avoid unwanted flare and reflection from the filter mounting ring.


We Care About You

Kenko Tokina is committed to your success and satisfaction. We are photographers and imaging enthusiasts ourselves. We are committed to providing you with customer service from our local California office. We want to hear from you and make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Take home the filter trusted the most by Japanese photography enthusiasts. Now available outside of Japan to enhance your shooting experience.

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