SG EX 8x25 WP / 10x25 WP Waterproof Binocular, Full-multi Coating, Compact

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Kenko's SG EX binocular series combines high performance with waterproof, multi-coating, and an easy-to-hold one-handed design to observe objects brightly and clearly in any situation.

Main Features

■Compact design for easy grip
The compact body is easy to grip and designed to reduce fatigue even after long hours of use. It is also easy to carry.

SG EX 8x25 / 10x25  WP Binoculars are compact design for easy grip.

■Bak4 Prism
Bak4 prism with a high refractive index provide a clear field of view.

■Full Multi-coating
The lenses are fully multi-coated to provide a brighter field of view.

SG EX Full-Multi Coating

■Highly waterproof
The body is waterproof, making it safe to use outdoors in the rain. It is ideal for outdoor use and bird watching.

SGEX Binocular Water Proof

■Twist-up eyepiece
The twist-up eyepiece allows you to enjoy observation not only with the naked eye but also with glasses.

■Long eye relief
The binocular is designed to minimize fatigue even after long hours of observation.

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