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Kenko PRO ND 100000 (16.5 Stops) Filter with Firecrest 100mm Magnetic Holder Kit for shooting Solar Eclipse

Kenko PRO ND 100000 (16.5 Stops) Filter with Firecrest 100mm Magnetic Holder Kit for shooting Solar Eclipse

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Ready for the Annular Solar Eclipse on October 14th?

April 8th, 2024 is an opportunity to photograph the Total Solar Eclipse in the United States. Dedicated ND100000 filter is usually recommended when photographing a solar eclipse.

In collaboration with Formatt Hitech, we have prepared the best filter set for eclipse photography.

Don't miss this opportunity!

Bundle Detail

The Kenko PRO ND 100000 filter is constructed using an industry leading highly accurate carbon vapor deposit method to ensure an even coating and complete blocking of IR light. Made from Asahi optical glass and multi-coating on the outer surface of the filter for maximum resolution and flatness.

The new Firecrest Magnetic holder system builds on the strengths of the tried and tested Firecrest system with additional enhancement in the introduction of the magnetic CPL attachment. The weakness of the old holder was the removal of the CPL. Although secure and functional, the feedback was it could be awkward to unscrew in the field if the weather was cold. So the system was redesigned to allow this to be done magnetically. At the same time, we designed a magnetic metal lens cap so that the rotating ring could remain attached to the lens speeding up use. The lens cap can also be used when transporting the holder on the camera, giving more peace of mind when using the system.



This bundle includes:

Firecrest 100mm Magnetic Holder Kit

  • Kenko 100x100mm PRO ND 100000 (16.5 Stops) Filter - click here to learn more about this filter.

  • 86mm Magnetic Firecrest CPL

  • 86mm - 86mm Magnetic geared adaptor

  • 86-82mm Magnetic geared adaptor

  • 86mm - 77mm step down ring

  • 86mm - 72mm step down ring

  • 1x Set of vented end caps 

  • 1x Set of closed end caps

  • 1x Spare slot kit including longer screws for 3 slot set up and Allen key

  • 1x Holder carrying pouch 

  • 1x Magnetic metal lens cap

*Looking for a 46mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, and 67mm Step Ring? Click the URL link here. Will require use of the 86-82mm Magnetic Rotating Adapter Ring (included).

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