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EXAPRO Filter Clip For Smarphone, φ49mm Lens Filter

EXAPRO Filter Clip For Smarphone, φ49mm Lens Filter

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Offering a new level of creative photography Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. presents a new accessory brand “EXAPRO” for mobile photography starting with 2 items: EXAPRO Filter Clip - a versatile clip-type filter adapter that allows to enjoy smartphone photography with different photographic filters and Filter Clip and Lens Hood Kit.
The concept of the EXAPRO series is very simple and provides idea of essential filter work. When you feel that moment,just take your smartphone, clip the filter adapter on your smartphone camera and screw in the photographic filter.
Screw-type stopper will fix filter clip tightly on the right place and prevent it from accidental fall.


Highlight features

EXAPRO Filter Clip incorporates 49mm filter frame that can take any photographic effect filter of the same size. This widens your creativity to the infinity.


EXAPRO Filter Clip's Φ49mm frame is wide enough to cover the camera module of any smartphone even with multiple cameras inside.


EXAPRO Filter Clip allows to use not only Kenko White Mist No1, Nostaltone, Twinkle Star, but any 49mm size screw type photographic filter from your arsenal regardless the brand and effect.





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