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Kenko Black Mist PROTECTOR, Lens Protection & Diffusion Effect Filter

Kenko Black Mist PROTECTOR, Lens Protection & Diffusion Effect Filter

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Everyday Cinematic.

Kenko Black Mist PROTECTOR is a lens protection filter with a Black Mist effect that equals to 1/4 of the Kenko Black Mist No.1 filter diffusing effect.
While protecting the lens well, the slightly weaker Black Mist diffusion effect allows you to capture movie-like scenes on everyday.
The water & oil repellent coatindg makes a daily filter maintainance easy.

Main Features

■What is "Black Mist"?
Black Mist is an optical glass soft filter infused with fine black diffusing particles. It suppresses contrast of highlight and shadow areas allowing to capture that cinematic effect photographers and videographers are seeking for.
Without requiring a retouch process you are able to create movie-like images with the Kenko Black Mist Series. The series logo is based on the "TRA-JAN" font that most used for movie title from around 1990 to the present.
The Kenko Black Mist PROTECTOR performs a diffusing effect equals to 1/4 of the Kenko Black Mist No.1 or 1/2 of the Kenko Black Mist No.05.

■Unique light blurring makes the nightscape cinematic.
When shooting night scenes, the unique light diffusion effect makes point light sources appear slightly blurred, creating a cinematic atmosphere.

■Cinematic Backlit Photos
In backlit conditions or with the strong light source scenes slight softening effect can also be achieved, creating a mood unique to Black Mist.

■Multi-coated glass to suppress ghosts and flares in the image.

■Water & oil-repellent properties for better maintenance.

■Low-profile frame to use with wide angle lenses.

Please note that:
・The strength of the softening effect depends on the focal length of the lens used. The effect is stronger at telephoto end and weaker at wide-angle end.
・The effect may vary depending on the type of light source and other shooting conditions.
・The effect seen in the viewfinder and the photographic result (depending on the size of the print size, etc.) may differ.

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