Compact&LightWeight Telescope Sky Walker SW-0

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"Kenko Sky Walker SW-0" is a refracting telescope that can be used for both starry sky and ground observations.
Compact and lightweight, it is convenient to carry even for kids.
Easy assembly with one-touch tripod, it is easy to use for beginners, too.
An objective lens effective diameter of 50 mm allows you to see the craters on the moon and other planets.
A zenith mirror for astronomical observation and an upright prism for ground observation are included.

●Optical Type: Refraction
●Focal Length: 360mm (14.14 in)
●Aperture: 50mm (1.97 in)
●Aperture Ratio: 1 : 7.2
●Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 10.2 stars
●Light gathering power: 51x
●Barrel size/weight: 80 x 340 mm (3.1 x 13.4 in) / 340 g
●Tripod Height/Weight: 400 - 1260mm (15.7 - 49.6 in) / 550 g

【Included accessories】
・5x24 finder
・3 Eyepieces (4mm / 12.5 mm / 20 mm)
・3x Barlow lens
・Zenith mirror
・Uplight prism

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