Kenko Variable NDX

  • $262.67

The Kenko Variable NDX is the finest quality most advanced Variable Neutral Density Filter available today. Made in Japan from the finest Japanese Asahi Optical Glass and features match polarization foils that create virtually no color shift. 

Most Variable ND filters have the dreaded "X" effect which happens on longer exposures times where the polarization foils are not matched in the filter. The Kenko Variable NDX does not create the "X" effect and therefore has a high usability in a number of applications from still photography to cinematography.

Kenko’s uniquely designed variable neutral density filter provides the equivalent density range of 1.5 stops to 10 stops.

The singular versatility of the Variable NDX filter not only replaces a whole set of stacking neutral density filters, it also removes vignetting which may be caused by using multiple filters.

Step up your shots today with one of the most versatile optical filters you can have in your bag.

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