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Kenko Ultraview EX Compact Binocular 8x32 / 10x32, Full-spec prism system, Fully waterproof

Kenko Ultraview EX Compact Binocular 8x32 / 10x32, Full-spec prism system, Fully waterproof

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The large 32mm-diameter objective lens is bright and easy to see, yet the body is compact.

The Kenko 
Ultraview EX Compact binoculars are compact and lightweight while maintaining the same quality of vision.

Main Features

■Large aperture x Compact and Lightweight
While the binoculars have a large, bright, easy-to-see objective lens diameter of 32mm, the body weighs less than 400g and is easy to operate even with one hand.
The binoculars do not tire easily even after long hours of use, and the central focusing ring can be reached naturally, allowing smooth focusing adjustment.
The binoculars are lighter than binoculars of the same aperture and magnification and can be used in a wider range of situations.

■Excellent visibility with the unique lens configuration and full-spec prism system
In addition to the high resolution achieved by our unique lens configuration, we have succeeded in reducing light loss to the utmost limit by employing a full-spec prism system with dielectric multilayers, full multi-coating, and phase coating. The result is a bright and clear field of view for your viewing pleasure.

■Wide field of view
Wide field of view design with an apparent field of view of 60° or more allows you to see a wide area at a time. Suitable for viewing a wide area such as concerts and sports games.

■Twist-up eyepiece
The twist-up mechanism of the eyepiece allows adjustment of the eye point. The binoculars are easy to use for both naked eye and glasses wearers.

■Fully waterproof performance equivalent to IPX7 for use in the the most adverse weahter conditions
Nitrogen gas is filled inside the binoculars to prevent fogging of the lenses. It is safe to use the binoculars outdoors in the rain.
*Waterproof performance: up to 1m depth (10 min), as for JISB7261 (ISO9022-8) rest with an estimated IPX7 (10 min)
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