Best Variable ND Filters of 2019

Best Variable ND Filters of 2019

Best Variable ND Filters of 2019 image

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If you’re a landscape photographer, there are plenty of different filters you should have in your bag.

A polarizer is a must, and a graduated neutral density filter is a good asset as well.

Many landscape photographers also carry a kit of neutral density filters. I used to be one such photographer, but now I’ve started using a variable ND filter instead. 

The convenience of having multiple ND filters in one is simply too good to pass up. Of course, like any other lens filters, there are good and bad options when choosing a variable ND.

If you’re ready to upgrade your kit with a quality variable ND filter, consider one of the following options.

Kenko Professional Variable NDX Filter 

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This Kenko Variable NDX is the ND filter I have in my kit, and it has impressed from day one.

It offers a range of light-stopping power from 1.3-8.5 stops, so it truly offers a wide range of possibilities for creating long exposures.

What’s more, the practical use factor range is ND2.5-450 and is extendable to ND1000. Just imagine the gorgeously smooth motion you can get at ND1000!

Kenko offers these filters in 77mm and 82mm sizes. The filter is made by mounting two pieces of high-quality polarizing glass opposite one another, that way when you turn the filter ring, it provides smooth operating motion and lightens or darkens as you see fit. 

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When using ND filters of any kind, getting a neutral color result is key. Kenko ensures that your images have hyper-neutral color balance thanks to a depolarizing plate inside the filter.

That means there’s no color shifting, no vignetting, and no flare. Instead, you just get a wide range of stopping power thanks to high-quality materials and top-quality construction.

Why carry around a big ND filter kit when something like this will do the job and do it well?!

Learn more about the Kenko Professional Variable NDX Filter

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